Retrieving access to your account is easy, all you need is the email address you used while registering, go to this link to get access to your account https://cryptoretirements.com/reset
After logging in, navigate to your dashboard then choose from list of available plans.
That depends on the plan chosen. All plans have different duration for investment maturity.
Please note that you get a Bonus of $50 after registration which is withdrawable after you've made an accumulative deposits/investments of $2,000, bonus can be withdraw into Bitcoin Wallet.
You get 5% of every deposits of your referral.
Cryptocurrencies (or coins) are mined by miners (individuals or organizations) using their computing (hashing) power to process transactions and earn rewards. To be more specific, mining is the process of recording transactions to the public ledger (blockchain) with an incentive to receive a miner reward. This process is very resource-intensive. It requires substantial computing power to meet the cryptographic rules which secure the system and to ensure that all network participants agree the blockchain is valid and accurate. Moreover, as more computing power is added to the network, the difficulty of solving the ‘puzzle’ which allows miners to earn a reward increases – that is where the mining pools come into play.